Bilberry Powder 1kg

Bilberry Powder 1kg

Nordic Gusto
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Bilberry is also known as Nordic wild blueberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus)

Bilberry is packed with plenty of vitamins, nutrition’s and fiber. No added sugar. No preservatives. Gluten free.

Perfect match with your daily varied and balanced diet for you who want to use clean  products of pristine nature and appreciate healthy lifestyle.

Our bilberry powder is made of foraged wild forest bilberries from Finland. Bilberry powder is good with smoothies, muesli, yogurt or blends and in baking. Powder include all parts of bilberry: skin, seeds and plenty of vitamins.

Bilberry is well known due to it's high Potassium and E vitamin content. Bilberry also has high amount of Antocyanins. Antocyanins are flavonoids that are believed to be beneficial for your health.

Every bilberry is hand picked from wild forest and our Finnish berries are coming from the Arctic areas of Lapland.

Ingrediens: Bilberry

Allergens: -

Vitamins and trace elements / 100g

C-Vitamin 5 mg

E-Vitamin 14,4 mg (120%) *

Potassium 590 mg (30 %) *

  • of recommended daily intake

Anthocyanins 1500±500 mg

Production method: Wild foraging
Origin: Finland
Weight: 0.09kg

Producer: Nordic Gusto Oy